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A project born good

When we began developing the platform freecomm in 1995, the internet was not yet arrived in Italy. At first we supported in existing programs but when we started to deal with in a professional manner the world of electronic commerce, we realized that did not exist a platform that not only had good graphics but that was easy to maintain, easy to manage and who had the ability to process large volumes of data and high traffic access, without costing a fortune.

Thus it was born freecomm, our platform of e-commerce. As a starting point we used the software for warehouse management that we had developed for large retail chains such as Coop and Carrefour adapting it to the Internet. Our goal was to make the platform expandable and modular so you do not have to limit the number of companies that have used and to enable customers to expand their shop without having to start over each time.

The platform that grows with you

Being a platform built entirely in-house, freecomm is constantly changing, which means that new features and new technologies are the crux of our development roadmap in order to simplify the daily activities of our customers. Continuous updates released by our development team are free and new optional features can be activated without charge agguntive.

The innovative architecture of freecomm allows integration with existing business tools, such as the integration with accounting programs, export / import data from external databases, an advanced system for storage and inventory control, as well as advanced data collection tools of consumers by issuing simple report to analyze.

The revolutionary programming VPT (Virtual Technology Project) is possible for a client to manage with a single control panel more showcases several sites and portals without having to duplicate articles and information. This is because freecomm projects a virtual database data without having to physically write with an incredible advantage in terms of speed and flexibility.


Simple to use

An e-commerce must be easy and intuitive to allow users to quickly access the various sections enabling them to find the product you are looking for and at the same time get a complete overview of the entire catalog.

Freecomm has worked so hard on this issue making use of external collaborations such as the Faculty of semiotics (science to the study of signs) at the University of Venice, thanks to which we were able to reduce the number of clicks required to navigation on our ecommerce platform and optimizing the purchase process through the use of colors and images specially designed.

Freecomm is the only ecommerce platform that allows you to purchase with just three clicks, without requiring mandatory registration and showing real-time shipping costs. This transparency is a winner in terms of results and "Customer Satisfaction".


Freecomm, your e-commerce at the speed of light

Thanks to ongoing research in order to improve the characteristics of the ecommerce platform freecomm, we managed to reach a limit difficult to overcome. A concentration of technology that combined the strategic agreement obtained with the largest Italian Webfarm led us to be without doubt one of the most powerful and fastest ecommerce platforms internationally.
(Results monitored with Google Page Speed)

Freecomm LiveSpeed of response, the winning key

One of the most important features of an ecommerce website is the speed with which it responds to customer internet. Indeed un'ecommerce slow in loading pages it is one of the most common reasons for the abandonment of the site by surfers for the benefit of its competitors. With this new technology, e-commerce made freecomm are faster than 98% of websites around the world!

The speed of loading pages for Google has become one of the main discriminating rank web sites in the first results of the major search engines. In fact, given the number of websites on the network (something over 2 billion still growing), Google has decided to allocate to each of them a few seconds to present content and keywords.

If the site responds slowly Goggle will take little information, if the site is rather fast Google will manage to get much more information with the result of seeing your pages appear in search results.


The major search engines like Google primarily aim to ensure visitors an easy and correct answer to what they are looking for. That is why they are forced to come up with increasingly complex rules to prevent some people try to trick the search to improperly promote their sites. In the past they used words such as high-interest (eg. IPhone) to direct surfers to porn sites.

To avoid this Goggle has introduced a search algorithm whose rules change every six months, by which you can tell if the content is relevant to the key you want to place. The platform freecomm has studied these rules in order to write the contents of the pages in order to please the search engines. The result is that the items included in webstores our customers soon reach the top positions in search results.

The majority of e-commerce are however not able to update itself when the algorithm of Google changes, this in many cases it defeats the positioning achieved with serious damage for customers. Freecomm, thanks to the excellent relations with the leaders of Google, is advised in advance of the changes that will be made in order to release an update and discreet service that enables our webstore to maintain the positions reached if not improve them.


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