Simplicity and power at the service of your company

A project born well

When we began to face the world of online sales in a professional way, we realized that there was no platform that, in addition to having good graphics, was simple to maintain, easy to manage and with the ability to process large volumes of data while maintaining a high speed surfing.

For this reason in 1998 we created freecomm, one of the best professional CRM platforms. As a basis, we used our warehouse management software developed for large distribution chains such as Coop and Carrefour, adapting it to the internet. Our goal: to make the platform expandable and modular so as not to limit the number of companies that would use it and to allow customers to expand their store without having to start over each time.

The platform that grows with you

Being a platform built entirely in our laboratories, freecomm is constantly evolving, which means that new features and new technologies are the crux of our development roadmap in order to simplify the daily activities of our customers. Continuous updates released by our development team are free and new optional features can be activated without additional costs.

Freecomm's innovative architecture allows integration with existing business tools, such as integration with accounting programs, data export/import from external databases, an advanced warehousing and inventory control system, as well as advanced consumer data collection tools with easy-to-analyze reports.

Thanks to the revolutionary VPT (Virtual Project Technology) programming, it is possible for a customer to manage multiple showcases in different sites and portals with a single control panel without having to duplicate articles and information. This is because freecomm projects a virtual image of the database data without having to physically write them with an incredible advantage in terms of speed and flexibility.

What does "Professional" mean

Most e-commerce platforms are free to download from the internet and can be installed on your computer. These were designed for personal use within the blogs and websites of individual customers and only later were they used for commercial use while retaining the limits of the original design.

For this reason, more and more web agencies, software houses and individual developers have chosen to switch to Freecomm. A guarantee for their work and security for their customers. Many new startups have used freecomm for their innovative projects.